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Three images, two of them showing blue kaserns and one showing a man using ai goggles

Key Note London

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Phone showing JSBcraft app

Vad är JSBCraft?

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Phone using One reality app

AIXR Article

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Screenshot of video Dedicated Design Studio

Dedicated Design Studio

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A man and a woman standing at a whiteboard writing on notes

Advisory & Consulting

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Man holding visualization gear

Venue & Visualization

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The Team

The One Reality team is a passionate group of individuals, all sharing a love for a digitalized reality. Each and every one of the staff pour their love and passion into each of our projects, furthering the company’s noble goal of a unified world.

Coworker Mats Eliasson

Mats Eliasson

CEO & Head of Sales Operations

Coworker Magnus Arfors

Magnus Arfors

Chairman and Chief Strategist

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